Our flower business exists in symbiosis with our vegetable business. These flowers attract beneficial insects for pollination and pest control allowing us to be an absolutely pesticide free farm. While many flowers are grown with harmful chemicals and shipped across the planet, treating farm land solely as a luxury commodity, these flowers do just the opposite! You are building a healthy, local ecosystem by supporting this awesome new aspect of Stoneboat farm. And they're beautiful!

Please contact Stoneboatflowers@gmail.com to reach Kimberly for any inquiries.  If you are a floral designer and interested in flower deliveries, she is happy to add you to our weekly flower availability email.

  We also provide buckets of flowers, with an assortment of stems including filler and greenery which start at $45.  If you are a restaurant and interested in receiving both food and flowers, feel free to contact Jesse at Stoneboatpdx@gmail.com.