A box of special items


Top left: the tropical cucumber like chewy vine fruit achoa. At the markets this week. This is extremely rare and very cool. How awesome to have produced it! 

bottom left: Aji Amarillo. an amazing Peruvian pepper with good heat and a completely unique flavor. Also said to be ungrowable in this climate yet this year it came through for us! Yum!

bottom right: arroz con pollo Cuban pepper. It tastes and looks like a habanero but...almost no heat! I made chocolate chili pancake batter with it the other day. It's fantastic. 

buried in the middle: espelettes. A delicious sweet hot basque pepper. An amazing sauce is in several PDx restaurants (groundbreaker brewpub, Southland whiskey kitchen, grain and gristle, Castagna) made from these guys. 

top right: hot red cap mushroom peppers. Hot and flavorful like a habanero, but look at their awesome shape!  

What a fun box of food.