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We raise four kinds of heritage turkeys and two broad-breasted varieties (the same type you might find in a supermarket). There’s a turkey for every taste and every size of dinner.  
We raise all of our turkeys on pasture from the day they can go outside safely. This means they stretch their legs, eat bugs and greens, and generally live like turkeys were supposed to. You’ll notice it in their lean meat and great flavor!

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More about our turkeys

Heritage turkeys are the old breeds of turkey your great-grandma might have had pecking around in her back forty. They grow slower, have leaner builds, and a higher proportion of dark meat. The flavor on these birds is unparalleled. We grow four breeds: Bourbon Red, Spanish Black, Slate, and Royal Palm. Come visit the farm and get an eye-full of their varied and beautiful plumage. Heritage turkeys cost $8.00 a pound and range from about 9 pounds to about 22 with most coming in around the 15-18 range.

Broad-breasted bronze and white turkeys are modern standards and have a higher proportion of white meat. These turkeys look like a grocery store turkey but they taste so much better. We grow them outside and with the best food - you’ll taste the results! Broad breasted turkeys cost $6.50 a pound and range from 12 pounds to 25 with most in the 17-20 range. 

Integrating turkeys into the farm

Our turkeys play a key role on the farm. They eat weed seeds and insects in our pasture and old vegetable fields, reducing the weed seed bank and pest pressure on our crops. They munch our vegetables and vegetable plants, creating compost right where it's needed. They reduce our need for off-farm inputs like feather meal and blood meal.

The turkeys keep us challenged for 6 months, since they can escape any of our fencing to investigate their environs.To keep them safe from aerial predators and coyotes, we have two friendly Great Pyrenees/ Maremma mixes, Matsu and Ozy.

Matsu and Ozy guarding adventurous heritage turkeys