Allium Vegetables

Garlic – We grow four potent and beautiful varieties of hardneck from which we harvest the scapes, four longer lasting and milder varieties of softneck garlic, elephant garlic for the garlic leeks (big green garlic) and we harvest little shoots from smaller cloves as garlic scallions in the spring.

Leeks – We produce several big hybrid leek varieties as well as some rare open pollinated ones!

Onion- Big, beautiful red and white onions harvested fresh and also as storage onions, as well as cipollinis and scallions.

Shallot- French red shallots have been thrilled with Oregon’s climate the past few years. We sell the shallot buds, their tasty stalks that are like giant green onions, great for grilling or stuffing with cheese!



Asparagus is a perennial that takes about three years to produce its first harvest but once it gets going it generally sticks around for thirty or so. We started it from seed in 2015, so look to us for 2018 and beyond for great asparagus stalks. We’ll eventually have green and purple.


Brassica or Cruciferous Vegetables

Arugula (rocket)- We like it spicy, but we also harvest it young and more mild for salad mixes. We have a variety that tastes exactly like wasabi. It is very special.

Bok choy – baby and full size bok choy for your kim chi and sautees!

Broccoli – Big heading diplomat broccoli, little sprouting chinese broccolis, broccoli raabs and even spigariello, an Italian leaf broccoli.

Brussels sprouts- Yes we do grow Brussels sprouts. Purple and green. We’re growing them in small quantities for now till we figure out how to fit them into our systems and produce like we want em to.

Cabbage- Green and red, savoy and miniature and our favorite, the cone-shaped Caraflex.

Cauliflower-  Purple as well as white. We also grow the mathematician's favorite vegetable: the fractal-patterned romanesco cauliflower. Our last fall crop was the most delicious cauliflower ever!

Chinese cabbage (Napa cabbage) – We grow some lovely tender varieties of chinese cabbage, both tight leafed heads and looser ones for salad mixes. We grow some beautiful red varieties in addition to regular green ones.

Collard greens- Yep. Not just the kind you have to boil forever with a ham hock, some that are as tender as a leaf of mustard greens too.

Cress- We grow a very spicy variety called Wrinkle Crinkle Cress. It really kicks up a salad or serves as a surprising garnish.

Horseradish – Eventually

Kohlrabi- It is the great crispy orb from the planet Kohlrab. We grow it purple and we grow it green.

Mustard greens- Some are so soft we harvest them for spicy salad mixes. Others are for braising.

Radish- French Breakfast fingery ones and Easter eggs, white mild ones and several Chinese and Japanese varieties. More details to come.

Rutabaga –Mostly for the CSA this year, just a few. Big and rutabaga-y.

Tatsoi- Also called Japanese spinach. It’s soft and kind of like a tiny leafed bok choy. So tasty in our salad blends or if you’re lucky you’ll get a head of it.

Turnip- Our favorite are the salad turnip varieties like the world famous Hakurai. But we grow some turnips for boiling too.

Watercress- Yep. It’s nice in salads.

Buckwheat Family

Buckwheat – Just as a cover crop, but it’s so nice that we like to mention it among the crops. It is a crucial tool and helps so many of our vegetables live happy lives. Thanks Buckwheat.

Rhubarb- We grow the big red kind and also a greenish, more tart variety.

Sorrel- It was used in Europe for tanginess before citrus made the journey to the Ol’ World. It’s bright green and tastes like lemons. 

Composite Vegetables

Artichoke – We’re starting some in 2016, Hoping for a fall  2017 harvest.

Chicory- Endive (non-Belgian), Escarole, Friseé and Dandelion greens. We grow lots of chicory and we love it. It’s extremely good for you. Let’s bring delightful bitterness back into our diets. It’s a taste worth acquiring.

Lettuce- We focus on varieties adapted to Oregon’s climate. Red Leaf, Green Leaf, Butter, Romaine, crinkly and smooth, our salads are a diverse mélange of textures and flavors.

Salsify – Look for this fancy root at our restaurants, in our CSA and at markets. Tastes like oysters?

Sunflower- They’re just pretty. We like to plant them a lot.

Goosefoot / Amaranth Vegetables

Amaranth- It’s great in our wild salad mix. It’s vigorous; we plant beautiful, specific varieties and harvest the wild ones too.

Beet- Big red and gold ones, Chioggia with bright white and red concentric circles. We’ve even got the albino white beets, but just a few.

Chard- Taste the rainbow (chard not skittles)

Lamb's-quarters- We’ve found some great cultivated and naturally occurring varieties for our wild salad mix. Called Quelítes in Mexico, these are really one of our favorite salad greens.

Quinoa- We might grow some, but mostly for decoration.

Spinach- Spinach is exceptional at expressing the nutrients of a place. When grown in sustainable systems with organic methods, the flavor is a world away from the stuff in the clamshells at the supermarket.

Orach- It is a dark purple, deeply flavored and friendly goosefoot.

Gourd or Cucurbit Family

Cucumber- Crisp green slicers are just the beginning. Lemons and white mini cukes, picking cukes and long striped armeninan snake like fellows. And some wild little extraterrestrial bug-like fruits.

Melons – We always grow a good little green honeydew-like fellow, juicy cantaloupes, Charenatais French which are everyone’s favorites, they kinda taste like dulce de leche. We’re also growing red and gold watermelon and some crazy melons that are from distant galaxies and will blow your mind.

Pumpkin- They are mostly for fun, we plan to build a trebuchet.

Summer Squash- Tromboncini looks and tastes just like a trombone. We grow big, tender Italian zukes called Costata Romanesca. We grow a few Scaloppini aka flying saucer squashes, which we recommend gutting and stuffing with meat or a veggie sauté. Also, we grow little green and yellow squash for nostalgia.

Winter Squash- Delicatta is the squash that should be known for pie. It makes pumpkin pies blush with envy. We also grow acorns, butternuts, big orange warty squashes, Japanese red Kuri Squash and the big blue sweet meats..


Sweet corn – Mostly just for the CSA. But if you email us and say: hey can I have some of your corn, then we’ll hold onto some for you.

Wheatgrass- We will probably grow some for juicing in the future. But not yet.


Fava Beans- These are not just a cover crop. They are delicious in Mexican and Middle Eastern formats. 

Pole beans – Flat Italian Romano beans are the bean we prefer. We’re also growing long purple pods, speckled beans and good ol’ green beans. If you join our CSA enjoy them as a u-Pick crop!

Sweet Pea- You know about sweet peas. They make salad into a desert. Also, just as U-Pick for CSA.

Mallow Vegetables

Hibiscus – yes we grow hibiscus in our greenhouse. Make tea or use it to infuse your pastries or make agua de Jamaica. It is the prettiest plant.

Okra- We're gonna do it.

Morning Glory Vegetables

Sweet potato – Our first crop was a great success in 2016. Look for many more in 2017 and beyond.

Nightshade Vegetables

Bell peppers- a few, but why when you can have Italian roasters?

Italian Roasting peppers- Red and yellow and the best hing ever to grill or char.

Mild peppers- Shishito, Fushimi (like long shishitos), Aji Dulce, Pepperoncini and Picnic peppers too.

Hot Chile pepper -Habañero, Jalapeño, Poblano, Aji Amarillo. We sell them dried and we make some hot sauces. This aspect of our business may grow in the future.

Eggplant- We love them. We grow baby eggplants. White ones that are just like little eggs (without a yolk), speckled white and purple, dark purple, long black Japanese ones and jade green ones.

Potato- Our potato variety plan is patriotic. Three big varieties, red white and blue. Three fingerling varieties, red white and blue too.

Tomato- All the colors shapes and sizes. We grow cherries, saladettes and full size tomatoes.

Tomatillo- Big and little, green and purple. We also make a green sauce that we sell in jars.

Ground Cherry- They are a tropical flavored little Solanum. They’re like apricot pineapple or maybe piña colada. We grow a big variety called Poha berry.

Umbelliferous Vegetables

Carrot- Purple, Yellow, Red and of course the good old Dutch orange.

Celery- We’ll grow some in 2017

Cilantro – It brings in nice predator insects so we plant it by the brassicas.

Dill- How nice in pickles.

Fennel – We use fennel a lot. Try putting it in everything. It’s delicious.

Lovage – It’s a leafy celery-like fellow.

Parcel- It’s a parsley-celery mash up.

Parsley- Curly and flat. It is so happy to grow, we love it.

Parsnip- Just a few in 2016, more next year.



Ginger- Yep, once we’ve got more greenhouses, we’re gonna dedicate one greenhouse each year to the production of young ginger. Yum.


Culinary Fruit

Apples- Our orchard is just getting started. So it’ll be a little while before the trees make a lot of fruit.

Pears- Our orchard is just getting started. So it’ll be a little while before the trees make a lot of fruit.

Kiwi- Vines going in soon.

Goji berry- Hopefully we get some planted in the next couple years. It’s got so many anti-oxidants. It’s tart and sweet and Chinese and red and once our bushes are productive you can have some.

Quince- Our orchard is just getting started. So it’ll be a little while before the trees make a lot of fruit.