Farm Crew Job Description

Stoneboat farm is a sustainable vegetable and poultry farm.  We are looking for a tractor driver for the 2019 farming season.   This can be a full or part time job (we slightly prefer full time) - two to three days of work driving a tractor and the other days working with the crew. 


Tractor driving is a pretty solitary activity.  You will need to be able to get direction at the beginning of your shift and carry out the task, with advice where needed but mostly by yourself though the day.  Tractor work sets the crew up for success in each field so just going out and spading or disking isn't enough.  You need to know what results we need in the field and work with the farm manager to best achieve them.

You are also responsible for keeping the equipment and tractor in safe working order on the days you are driving the tractor.  This means some regular maintenance and informing someone when things need fixing.


Must be able to take direction and then operate slowly with a very high quality of work

Must be able to operate a tractor and equipment safely after an initial training period

Must be able to work with others to cooperatively finish tasks

Must be able to lift and carry 35 pound bins over dirt paths

Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds on occasion

Must be willing to work outside in the weather every day you are here

Must be willing to follow directions and learn from other crew members and leaders

Must be willing to maintain equipment


Starts at twelve to fourteen dollars per hour, depending on experience and willingness to take on responsibilities

As many veggies as you’d like! 

Two meals a week (they’re pretty good)!


Experience required:

Experience on a farm is required.  Experience driving tractors is strongly preferred.