Aaron is a farmer and a chef, coming to farming from the culinary side and wanting to produce the best quality veggies to make exceptional food. He has degrees in anthropology and religion from Oberlin. He first learned horse farming skills in upstate New York volunteering on The Good Life Farm and Northland Sheep Dairy among others. The combination of our vegetables and Aaron's 10 years experience cooking in professional kitchens means we eat the best food possible, all the time; this is what makes us who we are and what keeps us going. As you might guess, he's responsible for the great recipes in the CSA totes.



In addition to co-owning and managing Stoneboat, Jesse is a Spanish graduate student at PSU and works with the nonprofit Adelante Mujeres. He has bachelor’s degrees from the University of Oregon in Spanish and International Studies. His undergraduate work included multiple abroad programs in Guatemala, Argentina and Mexico as well as work abroad for undergraduate credit editing and subtitling video footage of a web book about the Oaxaca social movement of 2006 with U of O. After returning to Portland from Eugene and abroad, he began working with Adelante Mujeres as an AmeriCorps member and has collaborated with that organization in different capacities since including designing the intern program that provides the farm with great interns and provides those interns with valuable farming know-how.



Scott is a genius farmer. He brings bushels of knowledge and experience to Stoneboat and has helped us bring the farm to the next level.


Kim is our partner farmer. She cares for the flowers, arranges stunning bouquets and also helps us out with the veggies. Click here to learn about her flowers


Tori works for the governor. Ask her why we don't have universal healthcare yet.



Asa is a little gnome or elf or something that runs around the farm causing mischief.

Matsu & OZZIE

Matsu is a Matsutake mushroom that wandered out of the forest. Ozymandius is an egyptian pharoh. (The pic is currently Ozzie) They are great Pyrenees/Maremma farm dogs. They're avid defenders of the Stoneboat from turkey stealing coyotes and veggie hungry deer. They're really sweet, just excited.



Our farrier John calls her our “head horse” (as opposed to Gale who he refers to accurately as our “lazy horse”). Esther is a hard working and intelligent draft horse who leads the team, paying close attention to gees and haws and driving a fine furrow. She does most of the single horse work like digging potato trenches and cultivating between rows.



She’s a great pet and she even does some work sometimes when Esther insists. She’s the most likely draft horse to let you pet her nose. Watch out for her shuffle-y feet, they carry one ton of horse. She’s built to work hard with strong legs and massive muscles, but she prefers mowing pastures with her teeth to pulling implements. Follow her blog about her personal interests at ilovehay.hay.


Lots of folks ask us: "what's a stoneboat?" or "why would you make a boat out of stone, wouldn't it sink?" Though I like the image building a floating boat of stone as a metaphor for starting a farm, the stoneboat is more of a sled than a boat. This illustration answers the question excellently:

Our stoneboats are just pallets that we build with wooden skis:

We named ourselves after the stoneboat because it was our first draft horse implement and the one we primarily learned to drive on. It was our starting point and, like the simple implement itself, our means of getting from point A to point B.